We promise every first-time customer of 100% satisfaction or 100% of your money back!


Up to an Order Value of N 50,000, If our Products fall even slightly Short of your expectations, you can return them to us and we will give you a full refund. You can count on it!

The Point of our 100% Satisfaction guarantee is to give you an opportunity to put our quality commitment to the test – without any risk to you whatsoever!

If you are unhappy with what you have received from us, simply send all of the merchandise back to us within five days. As soon as they arrive here, we will credit the full value of the returned goods to your account. And for a fee of only N4,000, we will even arrange for their pickup and return transport.

  • Please note that this offer does not apply to jobs printed on the basis of artwork that does not meet our requirements. It is also limited to your first order from